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Traditional Chinese Medicine (Pod Cast)
Honeybees or Acupuncture Needles?(Pod Cast)
Honeybees or Acupuncture Needles?

Yin and Yang. Rest and activity. Being and doing. Charging and discharging.

Loading and unloading. Austerity and growth. It’s all part of the cycle.

Water: Stillness and Storagearticle

Yin within yin. Winter is the time of the year when energy closes between Heaven and Earth.

Frozen by time and temperature; daylight and sun becomes precious.

Spring, Wood: Emerging, Unfoldingarticle

Go Springtime! Yang within Yin. Bursting from the cold and darkness.

Everything is springing up and spreading out as the sun warms the earth more with each passing day.

Fire: Yang within Yang. article

Summertime in Traditional Chinese Medicine represents a period of fullfillment and growth.

The sprout of Spring culminates into the maturity of a Summer flower.

Earth: Center and Transitionarticle

Earth,  in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  is about being at home within ourselves. 

It is our center, our core, our digestion and that which allows life to transform into other elements.

The Season and Sound of Metalarticle

 Autumn is the season of Yin within Yang; consolidation and regulated return.

Wind in Traditional Chinese Medicinearticle

In TCM, Wind hides and moves within human body, and its tracks cannot be easily found.

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