Sweat The Salty Steam of LifeSweat The Salty Steam of Lifearticle

Crushing heat waves, a good workout, working out a problem, a spicy meal, or 15 minutes in a hot sauna at a spa. It’s all sweat.


Take Your Health into Your Own HandsTake Your Health into Your Own Handsarticle

When he was diagnosed with another cancer as a result of radiation therapy for the first cancer, Ken Rosen decided to take his health into his own hands. Now, he not only empowers himself but also many others


Cancer Articlearticle

Cancer is a modern-day scarlet letter that singles you out as having a dreadful and often incurable disease.

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TCM the ultimate rebalancing actarticle

Around the world,women and menare flocking to clinics and spas offering traditional Chinese medicine therapies such as tui na massage, reflexology,acupuncture, cupping, and herbal remedies.


Spa Chinaarticle

Making Yourself at Home with Acupuncture By Ken Rosen M.S.LAc.


Drawing from the Well Of Lifearticle

The key to perfect equilibrium is to focus on the most basic element – breathing by Ken Rosen M.S. L.A.C.


Medicine Manarticle

Ken Rosen learnt more than he wanted to about conventional medicine at an early age.


Heliotherapy Cosmic Healing Sunlightarticle

Each second, the sun transforms four million tons of itself into radiant light energy, very much like a benevolent giver giving up of itself unconditionally so others could enjoy.


East Meets West

Ken Rosen, Chiva Som’s resident expert in traditional Chinese medicine, explains why this ancient therapy has winning spa potential. Interview by Julie Vuong


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